Brazil World Cup 2014 Results: Italy Wins Tight Match Against England 2-1! Close Encounters Between Two Teams

Italy finally wins a very tight match against England 2 – 1 at Arena Amazonia Saturday in Group D’s opening games.

Italy’s Marchisio struck a goal during the 35 – minute mark with a stunning 25 – yard shot with a midfield diversion, but Italy’s early lead was immediately tied up by England by Sturrige after Rooney’s cross.

However, an unexpected injury from physio Gary Lewin occurred after celebrating Sturrige’s goal, suffering a dislocated ankle during the 37 – minute mark. He was carried off the sidelines and had to be return home due to his injury.

Balotelli manages to save the day as he restores Italy’s lead with a header struck past Hart on the 50

– minute mark. notes a disappointed Steven Gerrard said after the match: “Italy are a good team and we knew how they were going to play it.

“It’s disappointing because we put so much into it.”

England and Italy had close plays all throughout the game, as both teams battled on ball possession – England with 48% and Italy with 52%.

Steven Gerrard of The Telegraph quotes: “Italy is a good team and we knew how they were going to play and they didn’t surprise us. It’s disappointing to put so much into it and come away with nothing.

“The effort, desire and commitment were there. Maybe we just needed a bit of quality in the final third.”

England will be pitted up with Uruguay on Thursday; on the other hand, Italy ends up with a match against Costa Rica. 

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