Brazil World Cup 2014 Results: Switzerland Hammers Honduras 3 – 0! Xherdan Shaqiri Rallies Team To Victory

Switzerland advances to the round of 16 as they defeat Honduras 3 – 0 at Arena Amazonia in Manaus Wednesday, with Xherdan Shaqiri scoring all three goals for the team.

Despite Honduras’ higher rate of ball possession which topped at 62%, Switzerland immediately gains the upper hand as Shaqiri nets a goal with a left-footed shot on the 6 – minute mark with the help of Stephen Lichtsteiner.

Shaqiri adds another point for the team on the first half of the match, attacking with a left-footed shot with a through ball by Josip Drmic on the 31 – minute mark.

Referee Nestor Pitana decided to implement a one-minute break on the 39 – minute mark as temperatures soared at around 26 degrees Celsius (79 degrees Fahrenheit) with 88% humidity as stated in CBC Sports’ report from FIFA.

Nevertheless, the game continues on with Honduras struggling to strike goals despite the favorable weather during the match. Jerry Bengston would have scored a point for Honduras but defender Ricardo Rodriguez thwarts his attempt on the 52 – minute mark of the match.

Xherdan Shaqiri further secures victory for Switzerland as he buries another left-footed shot from a fast break followed by Josip Drmic on the 71 – minute mark.

We knew that we were going to show great football today,” said Shaqiri in a statement in The New York Times. “For us, this has been really a dream to be in the World Cup – small Switzerland in the World Cup.”

“I wanted to show we could play soccer and that’s what we did. I played very well and I’m happy about that and proud of the team,” he further adds in an interview in BBC Sports.

Switzerland’s victory against Honduras puts them at second place on Group E next to France. They will soon face Argentina in Arena de Sao Paulo at Sao Paulo on July 1, Tuesday.

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