Brazil World Cup 2014 Results: Uruguay Eliminates Italy 1 – 0! Godin Saves Team With Penalty Kick; Tensions Arise On Suarez Biting Incident

Uruguay eliminated Italy from the World Cup 1 – 0 after a last-­minute goal by Diego Godin

Tuesday at Estadio das Dunas in Natal.

Tension arose all throughout the match as players from both teams clashed against each other

starting from the first half.

Italy got into trouble as midfielder Claudio Marchisio went off the field after a “studs­up challenge”

against Uruguay’s Egidio Arevalo. Mario Balotelli was also given a yellow card on the 23rd ­

minute mark of the match after a bad foul.

Italy was down to a 10­man team after Marchisio’s red card on the 60th ­ minute mark, rendering

the team incapacitated. Further problems arise later on as an incident in the box involving

Uruguay’s star player Luis Suarez.

A biting incident involving Suarez and Chiellini occured during the 80th ­ minute mark, but no call

was made against Suarez despite various replays, and Chiellini’s attempt to convince people that

he was bitten as he was showing a bite mark on his shoulder.

Uruguay’s striker has also been previously suspended in the past for biting. Suarez continued to

play on until the end of the match despite the controversy that arose during the incident.

Barely a minute after the mishap in the box, Uruguay takes the lead as Diego Goldin buries a

header on the 81st ­ minute mark of the match. With barely nine minutes left and a struggling 10­

man team, Uruguay emerged victorious which led into Italy’s elimination in the tournament.

“The red for Marchisio and not sending off Suarez were ridiculous… It was absolutely clear.

There’s even a mark,” Chiellini said of the bite at an interview in CBC Sports.

Meanwhile, Uruguay coach Oscar Tabarez also reacts about the incident involving Suarez in CBC

Sports: “The referee probably didn’t see it,” he says. “For me, and for all the people in Uruguay,

we had more important things.”

Uruguay will be pitted against Colombia, who topped Group C with 9 points, at Estadio do

Macarana in Rio De Janeiro on June 28, Saturday. 

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