Brazil World Cup 2014 Results: USA Defeats Ghana 2 – 1! Team Finally Exacts Revenge After 2006 And 2010 Losses

USA defeats Ghana 2 – 1 Monday at Estadio das Dunas, finally exacting revenge from the African team after suffering losses back in 2006 and 2010.

USA’s Clint Dempsey instantly scores a goal thirty seconds into a game, giving the Americans a good start during the first half of the match. Dempsey’s goal is noted as the fifth fastest goal in World Cup finals history, according to

However, Ghana dominates the field despite USA’s initial goal. Owing a higher ball possession all throughout the match (60%, compared to USA’s 40%). Ghana also had better control in ball handling, featuring precise passes and flickers.

Still, Ghana’s attempts on scoring goals were futile as they missed attempts on burying a goal during the first half of the match.

Ghana thoroughly went through the American defenses all throughout the game, with their gallant efforts finally paying off on the 81 – minute mark as AndreAyew with a clean left-footed shot set-up  by Gyan’s impressive back pass, equalizing the game 1 – 1.

However, USA takes the lead on the last minute of the game when substitute Johnny Brooks scores after three-header succession from a corner pass during the 86 – minute mark of the match. Ghana, seemingly discouraged from the last-minute strike of USA, fails to equalize the game once more despite the 5-minute extension.

“We have a great spirit. The US team always has a great spirit and fights until the last second. It was a little bit of a shock that Jozy got injured. It was a grind, but a wonderful win at the end of the day,” Klinsmann said following the stunning victory in a report in CBS Sports.

USA will soon battle against Portugal, who was thrashed by Germany 4 – 0, on Sunday at Arena Amazonia.

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