Brazil World Cup 2014 Schedule: Group A Fixtures, Brazil Vs. Mexico 0-0 Recap

Brazil World Cup 2014 Schedule: Group A Fixtures, Brazil Vs. Mexico 0-0 .

Full Time: Brazil 0-0 Mexico

A well deserved point for Mexico, holding off Brazil. Neymar seemed to be having a ‘bad day’ with no goals to claim.

90mn: Three minutes added to game play.

88mn: Penalty declined by ref. A bit of play acting by Marcelo, but ref. says play on.

Neymar fires on target, but ball is saved. 

84mn: Substitution – Oscar Off, William coms on.

80mn: Yellow card, Thiago Silva, whose challenge on Javier Hernandez is penalized.

73 mn: Mexico – Peralt Off, Hernandez on. Hernandez is the man to score, if he get’s an opportunity. Brzil tightening grip on their game.

69m: Great save by Ochoa as Neymar fires a volley.

67mn: Fred Off, Jo on. Fred has a disappointing game and is bood by the crowd. Will Jo, the Manchester City reject, be able to turn the game around.

62mn: Yellow card Vazquez

Vazques given a yellow card after taking down Neymar, who is well protected at home.

59mn: Yellow card Aguilar. Booked for a rough tackle on Oscar.

58mn: Mexico coming in closer and closer. Scolari is not happy  with Mexico’s tackling.

57mn. It looks like Brazil’s game is flat, making it easy for Mexicans.

With a goalless second half, this has not been the beautiful game that fans had imagined and it has been riddled with tackles, disruptive attacks and a lack of diposition. Ochoa has had a coup of exceptional saves and Meixco look threatening throughout the game.

38 mn: Ochoa manages to save Neymar’s header.

26mn: Great opportunity for Brazil as Neymar header flicked awaay by Ochoa.

Kick-off Brazil vs. Mexico.

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