Brazil World Cup 2014 Schedule: Group C Fixtures, Colombia’s Best WC Performance 3-0 Win Over Greece

Brazil World Cup 2014 Schedule: Group C Fixtures, Colombia’s Best WC Performance 3-0 Win Over Greece

Colombia Vs. Greece Colombia 3 – Greece 0Goals: [Armero (5′), Gutierrez (58′), Rodriguez (Colo

mbia Vs. Greece ‘Replay’, Brazil World Cup 2014 Schedule in Group C Fixtures saw an overpowered Columbia bring Greece to its knees with a 3-0 win. That was the South American side’s best performance in a World Cup opener. The theory that South American teams do better when the tournament is held in a S. American country holds true for Columbia.

The three goals from Columbia on Saturday saw the most number of goals scored by the S. American nation after 1962. Columbia is on its way to take a comfortable lead in Group C, while Greece were unable to keep up with the S. American side, who had the support of the crowd.

93′: Goal, Columbia 3-0: James Rodriguez seals the match with a third goal, and that will count when it comes to accumulating goal differentials.

90′: The referee did an excellent job maintaining the match with just a few instances of yellow cards. Coming in with three minutes of extra play.

85′: Greece has had ample opportunities to equalize to a 2-2, but the shots were not coming in. Columbia has clearly outclassed Greece in this game with 10 minutes mail.

76′: Striker Jackson Martinex replaces Teo Gutierrez, who scored the second goal pm ET: Columbia scores 2nd goal with a flick in from Teo Gutierrez.

62′: Greece’s Gekas hits the top crossbar – a silly mistake that should have been converted to a halft ime Score: Colombia 1, Greece 0

37′: Greece’s defense gets a break when James Rodriguez misses a goal and hits the cross-bar.

33′: Colombians seems to be wasting time in the last 10 minues of the first half, and Greece is taking advantage. 5″ – Columbia Scores. Armero scores early in the match from a deflection.

Background Info

Greece vs. Colombia (Group C) Kickoff: 6/14, 12 p.m.,Stadium: Mineirao

“(Columbia is in the)World Cup for the first time since 1998, the Colombian side claim to be a more talented group than the famed 1994 outfit — which was also promptly bounced from the group stages. A win over Greece could be the start of a significant tournament run, especially in such a moderate group,’ CBS Sports reported.


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