Brazil World Cup 2014 Schedule: Group D. Uruguay vs. England, Knock Out Football, ‘Suarez Reinvents Striker’s Role While Cahill Fan Buzz 99%

Brazil World Cup 2014 Schedule: Group D. Uruguay vs. England
Brazil World Cup 2014 Schedule: Group D. Uruguay vs. England

Brazil World Cup 2014 Schedule: Group Fixtures. Uruguay vs. England.

Group D


Source: Group D match against Uruguay will be a crucial game, though it could translate into a group stage exit in the last 56 years 

should they return to the claws of England fans empty handed, Roy lads could have a lousy summer.

Nonetheless has said that they will be on the offensive and forward could be the opponent England has faced. He turns the game around and is a lethal shooter. He is tough to mark and he penetrates the defensive wall with ease.

Michael Owen, former striker for Liverpool and Real Madrid sums up ability to reinvent the role of a striker: ”

If England loses to Uruguay, who have played the Europeans 8 times before, it will take a lot of luck for them to stay in the Group games. And a draw would give them somewhat better circumstances depending on performance.

According to statistics, Wayne Rooney is no longer the most important player in the England side and this may be his last World Cup. Rooney will create his opportunities in Brazil. The current top trending player is Gary who has a fan buzz of 99%.

Gary @ boots for the World Cup!

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Another proud moment for me in my career last night. Playing and scoring for your country is one amazing Reply Favorite

“It is knockout football, even though it is the group stage,” told BBC. “Any team lost its first game is entering a knockout stage even in the groups.

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