Brazil World Cup 2014 Schedule: Group F, Nigeria Vs. Argentina 2-3; Both Teams Advance, Round Of 16 Demands Less Dependence On Messi

Brazil World Cup 2014 Schedule: Group F
Brazil World Cup 2014 Schedule: Group F

Brazil World Cup 2014 Schedlue: Group F Fixtures, Nigeria Vs. Argentina 2-3;

Nigeria vs. Argentina 2014 FIFA World Cup      


The 3-2 Argentina vs. Nigeria win is a well deserved victory for Argentina and Lionel Messi, who scored two goals in this game, which puts Argentina into the Round of 16. Group 2 is likely to be a ‘Group of Death for the underdogs who have yet to win the FIFA World Cup like Chile, Costa Rica, Nigeria, Columbia and Belgium since it is a knockout round. Nonetheless, an upset in the World Cup finals is certainly likely because the game has changed so much just in the last 10 years.

However, the Nigerians should be cheery about their No. 2 spot on the table, right behind Argentiina. Iran’s loss to Bosnia allows the African giants to go through to the second round in Brazil World Cup 2014. 

Analysts say that Alejandro Sabella needs to expand Argentina’s capability to play without relying solely on Messi, who’s now scoring goals consistently like Brazil’s Neymar. It’s great to watch but if Messi misses a Round 2 match, it could be detrimental for the team and it would also risk advancing in the World Cup 2014. Louis Suarez is a good example of Uruguay having to rely on their ‘not so sharp shooting’ forwards,  since the talented striker has been suspended from the Brazil World Cup 2014; brilliant footballer but Suarez lacks discernment if he really is a ‘biter vampire of sorts’ on the field.  It’s a big ‘no-no’ and FIFA will determine an appropriate reprimand for ‘biting players.’

Maradona too comes to mind in the World Cup matches in the early 90s. He was often a casualty of fouls because he was invading his opponent’s defense. Sabella needs to instill a Plan B for Messi so that he is available for those crucial moments – penalties, freekicks, etc.

The Nigeria vs. Argentina match saw both teams scoring in the first five minutes, a first in World Cup finals history. Ahmed Musa scored twice for Nigeria to equalize but Marcos Rojo stole Nigeria’s plans for a victory with his knee connecting the ball before going into the goal in the 50’mn. 

The score tells the story as it is: Nigeria is not to be taken lightly. They have the talent and strength to outlast any South American team.

And the can be a threat in Brazil World Cup 2014, provided that conditions are ripe for them to hold off on attacks from the likes of Messi, Neymar or Germany’s Muller who is enjoying a fantastic goal scoring streak at the FIFA World Cup 2014.


Musa 4′, 47′



Messi 3′, 45′Rojo 50′

Argentina’s matches have been goal laden in contrast European teams like Spain and England. It says volumes for playing on Brazil’s South American soil.

Nigeria will contest France next Monday in the Round of 16 and Argentina and Messi will play Switzerland in the knockout match at Sao Paulo.

Ref: Nicola Rizzoli

Attendance: 43,285


Nigeria – 39%  

Argentina -61%







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