Brazil World Cup 2014 Schedule: Group H Fixtures, Algeria Face Crucial Match Against Russia

For anyone looking for more World Cup drama, then this ender for the group stage matches will satisfy your emotional fandom.

Algeria faces Russia in this crucial Group H match that will dictate the second team from the cluster to join Belgium in the Round of 16 Knockout Stage.

Group H fixtures include the following: Group H Fixtures

Date             Match                                                            Time                        Venue June 17     Belgium vs. Algeria                          12:00 pm EST                  Mineirao

June 17     Russia vs. Korea Republic             6:00 pm EST                    Pantanal

June 22     Belgium vs.     Russia                       12:00 pm EST                  Marcana

June 22     Korea Republic vs. Algeria               3:00 pm EST

Beira- Rio

June 26     Korea Republic vs. Belgium            4:00 pm EST

Corinthians (


Russia’s captain, Vasily Berezustskiy is more than ecstatic for the match, and he was too inspired for it. He said that his team will surely score against the African team.

”We have studied new schemes, new models and I think tomorrow we will score, we’re bound to score tomorrow,” he explained.

However, his claim seemed to be too far fetched, as the Soviet Union’s performance in the World Cup so far has been outlying from impressive.

Their first game against South Korea ended in a 1-1 draw, and their previous game against the favourite Belgium ended in a 1-0 loss for the Russians.

On the other hand, Algeria has more rights to quote this statement. Their opener against Belgium proved potential at 2-1, even though they lost. And they totally dominated the Koreans after finishing their previous match with the winning score of 2-4.

Algeria only needs at least a draw to qualify for the Round of 16, but Russia needs a solid win.

The Africans look like they have the prowess to win this match, but Russia keep on insisting that they have made changes in their line up to match with Algeria’s offense system. 

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