Brazil World Cup 2014 Schedule: Round of 16 Fixtures, Germany vs. Algeria, Veterans vs. First Timers: Germany More Powerful Than Algeria

It is Algeria’s first time on the Round of 16 field, while Germany looked like they have been here all their life. In this Knockout Round match, the winner will either make another history for stepping on the quarterfinals, or add their qualification yet again to their team’s growing loist of accomplishments.

Algeria really looks feisty after finishing second in their Group H matches, where they were first perceived as underdogs. Germany, on the other hand, finished strongly at first from the World Cup’s most competitive, the Group G.

In this match between the two very different nations and teams, who will win and who will go home emptyhanded?

Round of 16 Fixtures include the following:

Round of 16 Fixtures:

Date                      Match                                                   Time                      Venue

June 28                 Brazil vs. Chile                                    12 PM UTC          Mineirao

June 28                 Colombia vs. Uruguay                    4 PM UTC            Maracana

June 29                 Netherlands vs. Mexico                                12 PM UTC          Castelao

June 29                 Costa Rica vs. Greece                     4 PM UTC            Pernambuco

June 30                 France vs. Nigeria                            12 PM UTC          Nacional

July 1                     Argentina vs. Switzerland             12 PM UTC          Sao Paulo

July 1                     Belgium vs. USA                                 4 PM UTC            Fonte Nova

On the surface, Algeria really looks like they are just happy to be here for this stage, as it is their first time ever to qualify this far. Their performance so far had be unexpectedly smooth sailing, and their admission to the Round of 16 proves that their fate is not by chance. The question is, can they go further and come out of the World Cup 2014 as favorites?

Germany, on the other hand, is a team that had already won three World Cups. With that record, it looks like they will be the ones coming out of this game as winners. However, I might be talking too soon.

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