Brazil’s Victory Over Chile, Subsequently Pushing The Host Team To The Quarter-Finals


Brazil just made its fans happy in the World Cup by making it to the quarter finals, showing the world the tournament will not continue without the host team. Despite the team members’ efforts, Chile failed to win over the host team. With Chile scoring a 2-2 in the penalty shootout, and one player non-eliminated in each team, Brazil easily took the winning crown away. Neymar was the crowning glory of Brazil. Gonzalo Jara, was another player of Brazil’s who contributed to the winning streak.

Jara’s goal challenged the game though, with David Luiz successfully scoring the much needed goal. Brazil failed to score a penalty Mauricio Isla’s challenge swamped over Hulk subsequently, disabling a second-half goal. A sensational scandal would have occurred if Brazil went on to be eliminated. Júlio César avoided Chile’s scoring of two penalties, with Mauricio Pinilla and Alexis Sánchez, as top goal scorers. Willan hindered the success score of David Luiz. Claudio Bravo, a Chile goal keeper challenged Hulk right after Marcelo’s third attempt to score. Neymar seemed to have been used to the pressures of the game for Brazil, given the extensive experience and expertise that he possessed “He is 22,”as Luiz Felipe Scolari, said,. “But he plays with the experience you would expect of someone of 35.” Neymar seemed to be a mature pro, all because of the focused concentration and efforts he placed in training for the tournaments. He endured the challenges of strenuous physical testing during the training to see his everything pay off in the end upon reaping the rewards for his hard work.

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