Buddy Complex Season 2 Confirmed As New Teaser Trailer Reveals Possible Plot For The Anime! Watase Aoba And Company Versus Future Bizon In The Show? [VIDEO]

The hit anime mecha series “Buddy Complex” gets a season 2 as a new teaser trailer for Buddy Complex has been released.

Anime News Network reports that the teaser was released in the official website of Sunrise as it confirms a new project for Buddy Complex called Buddy Complex Finale: In the Future When We Return to Those Skies. The two-part special will takes place after the last episode of the anime series.

The trailer has also hinted a possible plot where in the show’s protagonist Watase Aoba and company will likely face Bizon’s older and future self as hinted in the dialogues of the teaser.

Aoba: Connect with Dio! Dio: Acception! Hina: I couldn’t take the chance and separate from you because I knew someday, he would come to kill you. Bizon: Look, Hina! This is our power! Hina: Just what am I!? Aoba: This won’t repeat anymore! Dio: Aoba! Bizon: Aoba Watase…! Hina: Stop it!! Aoba: Hina!! Bizon: So this time has finally come… Aoba Watase… Tagline: Blaze through destiny, with these bonds

Buddy Complex centers around Watasi Aoba, a young highschool student who pilots a mecha called Luxon, and was transported to the future by a girl named Hina Yumihara. There he is caught in war between two factions: The Free Pact Alliance and the Zogilia Repubic. He also meets the pilot of the Bradyon Dio as both men discovered that they have a unique ability called “Coupling” that lets pilots combined their thoughts in a perfect sync which will make them a formidable fighting force.

As the series progresses, Aoba meets Hina again who happens to be on the Zogilia’s side with no memory of Aoba or the past events that led them to the future. With the war going on both sides, Aoba is determined to bring Hina back and find a way to return to past by any means necessary.

The new Buddy Complex anime will feature the main cast and staff from the television series as the first season will rerun on Tokyo MX TV starting on July 6 followed by reruns on TV Aichi on Juky 7 and BS11 on July 8. The show had 13 episodes and the series ended last March with the words “To be continued” which hints the return of the show.

“[Buddy-complex] Everyone saw episode 13 at TOKYO MX, thank you! So with that… To be continued! This work still lasts! Please look further. After this exposes the BD special offer! #buddycom”

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