Caroline Wozniacki Hot Tennis Pro Gets Snubbed by Camila Giorgi during Handshake

Caroline Wozniacki hot tennis player has just been snubbed? It would seem that way. Tennis courts from all over the globe have been visited by players who represent their corresponding countries and end up exchanging “less friendly” handshakes after every match. Perhaps, the heat and tension of the competition have caused the testiness of their handshakes.

For instance, the handshake that Camila Giorgi gave Wozniacki was unsportsmanlike. The game was played in Eastbourne, and just like common tennis game routine, the handshake was done after a quarterfinal defeat on Thursday.

Giorgi shook, or rather, contemptuously “slapped” Wozniacki’s hand. It contained a sharp break of eye contact as Giorgi continued to walk to her bench. She did not even stop for a second to make a proper handshake. She just kept on shuffling to her seat. Wozniacki tried to say something, but Giorgi did not seem to care. Wozniacki, on the other hand, was quick to understand and just gave a post-handshake smirk.

What is even more interesting with this kind of handshake was that it was aggressive. Giorgi approached Wozniacki like she was coming for a civil exchange, but instantly pulls the “Psych!” move and keeps on dashing to her bench. She did not even get close to Wozniacki; she just stretched out her hand.

Perhaps, Giorgi could also not be blamed for her attitude. It was a match filled with a lot of drama. The chair umpire overruled a non-existent call on what would have been a set point for Giorgi, during the tiebreaker for the 1 set. Afterwards, a replay was requested. This might have pissed Giorgi off, since she smacked a ball right into the audience and was given an abuse warning. She was never a fan favorite, and it does not look like she is doing anything to improve that fact.

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