Casey Kasem News: Credit Card Company Running After Late ‘American Top 40’ Host For Unsettled Debt

Casey Kasem news reported that credit card company American Express is running after the late “American Top 40” host for unsettled debt.

According to Casey Kasem news from

TMZ, the late radio star owes American Express over $40,000. The credit card company has reportedly issued a creditors claim in order to get the debt paid following Casey Kasem’s death earlier this year.

According to a related report from

Daily Mail, an analysis of the debt revealed that the broadcasting icon was not likely to have used his credit card within a year before his death.

However, the Guidance for Managing Deceased Accounts stated on American Express’ website that the bank needs to be informed of a cardholder’s death, Moreover, the deceased will still be held liable for any outstanding debts.

Just recently, a report from

TMZ announced the District Attorney will finally start investigating the elder abuse allegations thrown by Casey Kasem’s adult children against his second wife, Jean Kasem.

The media personality’s adult children from his first wife, Linda Kasem, are claiming that their father’s 60-year-old widow caused Casey Kasem’s death. The group, led by 41-year-old Kerri Kasem, accused Jean Kasem of not taking care of their father months before he died.

Casey Kasem’s death has been surrounded by intrigues involving Jean Kasem and Casey Kasem’s first family. According to a previous report from

People magazine, the beloved radio star became sick with Parkinson’s and dementia before dying last June 15 in Gig Harbor, Washington.

Kerri Kasem then sent a lawyer to Gaffney Funeral Home & Cremation Services in Tacoma, Washington, where Casey Kasem’s body was confirmed by police to be missing.

Amid a highly publicized feud, Kerri Kasem and company discovered that Jean Kasem escaped to Norway with Casey Kasem’s body.

Unfortunately for Casey Kasem’s adult children, a report from

Westside Today said Judge Clifford Klein of the Los Angeles Superior Court clarified that the law clearly states that Jean Kasem is the rightful keeper of Casey Kasem’s body, whether in Norway or wherever she pleases.

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