Casey Kasem’s Children And Other Celebrities Mourn Death Of Radio Icon; Jean Kasem Given Custody of Anchor’s Remains

Casey Kasem’s children and hundreds of celebrities are mourning the recent death of an icon at the age of 82.

The radio icon, which has been blessed with three children from his first marriage and one child with second wife Jean Kasem, passed away on Sunday, June 15 after suffering from Lewd body dementia and several other complications.

Kasem’s entire family has made it to headlines the past couple of months after his eldest daughter Kerri and second wife Jean, fought over his custody.

In the past, Jean was accused by Kerri of not providing his dad with the best care that he needs and deserves at the hospital. Jean, on the other hand, argued that Casey would suffer even more pain if he is sent there.

After several weeks, Kerri and Jean seem to be setting all of their differences aside. After the death of the icon, Kerri agreed that her father’s remains be left in the hands of Jean, according to the

Daily Mail.

Prior to the decision, Kerri’s attorney confirmed that Jean’s attorney reached out to request that the body of the late “Scooby Doo” icon be passed on to her, TMZ noted.

Meanwhile, several friends and fans of Casem took their thoughts to Twitter following his death.

Olivia Munna tweeted, “RIP Casey Kasem. My thoughts are with his children who didn’t get time with their father before his passing. So sad.

Nancy Sinatra said, “We’ve lost a music industry icon. Chngd the industry w/AT40 Cntdwn. RIP Casey Kasem.”

“American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest, who took over Casem’s hosting the past ten years wrote, “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. We’ll miss you, Casey.”

In a statement, Seacrest said, “When I was a kid, I would listen to Casey Kasem’s “AT 40″ show every weekend, and dream about someday becoming a radio DJ. So when decades later I took over his AT40 countdown show, it was a surreal moment…,”

CNN revealed.

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