‘Castle’ Season 7 Spoilers: A Wedding And A New Mythology; Will The Premiere Episode Suggest It Could Be The Final Season?

“Castle” Season 7 spoilers are spreading like wild fire, and episode 1 will soon premiere.  And it will most likely to start off at the accident site in season 6.

The closing scene of “Castle” Season 6 was that of a stunning bride Kate Beckett on the verge of breaking down after seeing Rick Castle’s car in a ditch and in flames.

Season 7 will begin with the speculation of Castle’s status- whether he is dead or alive.  Since the series is named after his character, fans are likely to expect his return in season 7.  In addition, actor Nathan Fillion has signed on for “Castle” season 7.

It will be highly unlikely that his role in this season will be for flashback purposes alone.  Series creator, Andrew Malone, in an interview for TV Line revealed that fans of the show will see an “immediate fallout” this season due to Castle’s accident. This likely proves that there will be no time jump. 

“We feel like, given the way we left off, we have an obligation to start exactly where we ended. So we’ll be picking up in real time,” Marlowe said.

Some “Castle” season 7 spoilers suggest that Castle’s and Beckett’s wedding will eventually happen this season.  But a lot of things are planned out for the characters before that actually happens.

Before the car wreck, a black SUV was following Castle’s car. The person behind the wheel is someone who is said to be related to a new twist this season. The fans of “Castle” can expect to see the introduction of new elements.    

“The relationship (Castle and Beckett’s relationship) has always been the engine. These two people are in a strong committed relationship that is certainly being challenged at this moment, but we’re looking to open up new mythology, to bring in some new elements that we think will give the characters plenty to talk about,” Marlowe said.

He also shared that this season will be crucial for Castle, but his relationship with Beckett will be greatly tested.

Stay tuned for more news and for more “Castle” season 7 spoilers!

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