‘Castle’ Season 7 Spoilers: New Season To Have 23 Episodes; Senator Bracken Off The Hook For Castle’s Kidnapping?

Now that “Castle” season 7 is nearing its premiere, fans continue to spread season 7 spoilers online.

New reports suggest that it might not be Senator Bracken who’s responsible for Castle’s kidnapping in season 6.  Though not a lot of fans think that the Senator had a hand in the crime, some believe that there is a possibility that he’s behind it.

To further strengthen that possibility, show creator Andrew Marlowe just recently commented on the subject through a TVLine interview suggesting someone else is responsible for the kidnapping. “The Bracken arc is pretty much over … We know who [killed Johanna], Beckett has gotten justice…. If there is any future storytelling with Senator Brecken, it would be breaking new ground and not going back to revisit the old ghosts.”

New developments for the new season suggest that actor Nathan Fillion who plays Castle, will not be coming back for season 7.  This is contrary to previous reports that he has signed on another season.

According to an

IBT report published on Christian Today:

“Fillion said at the Dallas Convention that “I don’t know how it’s going to work out after the untimely death of Castle in season 6.”

Series creator Andrew Marlowe clarified, “There’s always stuff floating in the back of our minds, but it all depends on James Brolin’s availability and finding a story that makes sense and honors the characters.”

He further added, “We know that there’s a cost to ending a season this way. We know that people are looking for that wedding moment, and that’s a moment that we’re going to get to. But there’s still some storytelling that we have to get through before we get there.”

Marlowe also recently revealed that there will be 23 episodes of “Castle” season 7.

Stay tuned for more “Castle” season 7 spoilers.

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