Cat Videos: 5 Things You Can Learn From A Cat

Most people search for cat videos just to have fun, but be surprised that aside from the hilarity, cats can actually give important life lessons.

Cat site Catster have come up with these 5 important lessons you can learn from watching cat videos.

Author Angela Lutz shared: “It’s easy to assume that if someone is physically large enough to kick your ass, you should avoid her. But as many cliches teach us, looks can be deceiving. Instead of being intimidated, try approaching her just like you would anyone else.”

Angela shared: “Here’s one of the great regrets of my life: When I turned 18, I did not apply for a single out-of-state university. I had great grades and probably could have gotten a scholarship, but instead I took the path of least resistance and attended my local community college. I had a great experience and ended up getting a degree at a nearby university, but I always felt like I missed out on the excitement of living in a larger city and/or studying abroad. As a result, when I’m talking to kids these days who are unsure of whether to move out of state for college, my response is always the same: DO IT. DO IT NOW.” “The main problem with being shy: It’s just not that much fun. (Trust me, I know: Since childhood, I have progressed from ‘painfully shy’ to ‘at least moderately uncomfortable in pretty much all social situations,’ and it sucks.)

No one wants to hang out on the sidelines checking their smartphone, eating too many cheese cubes, and feeling wistful when they could be living it up in the moment,” shared Angela.

“Remember that time you got out of the shower to find two pairs of wide, curious eyes staring right at you? (Of course you remember — it was, like, this morning.) Instead of leaving the room when you reacted to their presence with obvious alarm, maybe the owners of those eyes decided to lick your toes and/or the shampoo bottle while purring. That was the moment you knew: Your cats are creepers,” Angela shared. Angela said: “Older humans might know a thing or two you don’t, but they’re also incredibly cranky and impatient, especially when they’re trying to sleep. As this kitten learns the hard way, a large part of respecting your elders means leaving them alone during naptime.”

Armed with new perspectives on cat videos, are you ready to reflect on life’s lessons the next time you watch one? Here is a cat video for your pleasure. Enjoy!

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