Celine Dion Net Worth; Started in the Music Industry at 12

Celine Dion net worth is at an all-time high, especially now that she is considered to be one of the most successful recording artists in the world.

Dion’s inspiration to pursue a career in singing was her compassion to share her talents. Now, however, it would seem that she has lucrative reasons as well.

She came from a big family where she was among 14 children. Having said this, it can only be ascertained that she might not have lived a wealthy life in her childhood years. With hard work, however, Dion was able achieve the wealth and the fame that she is presently enjoying. Certainly, the continuous ascent of Celine Dion net worth has helped her and her family in a lot of ways. Despite of living a relatively poor life, Dion described her home as a happy one.

The “My Heart will Go On” singer used to live in Canada and was the youngest child of a butcher and homemaker. Her family was strengthened by their love for one another, as well as their love for music. In fact, her family fully supported her and kept her motivated all throughout.

They had a small piano back then, and she and her siblings used the piano to come up with songs of their own. She started to sing at the young age of 5 and even sang at her brother’s wedding.

When she reached 12, she composed her own song, which she entitled “It was Only a Dream.” Little did she know that this self-made song of hers would serve as her big break into the music industry. Together with her mom and brother, they sent the song to music manager Rene Angelil, whom, interestingly, is now her husband. Angelil was moved by Dion’s voice, and he knew that he has just found a star, and later, his wife.

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