Chad Mendes And José Aldo Trade Verbal Barbs! ‘Money’ Calls ‘Junior’ Disrespectful For Running Into Crowd After Their First Fight

Chad Mendes and José Aldo continue to trade verbal barbs though separate interviews. The two men will be facing each other with the featherweight title on the line on August 2 at UFC 176 in Los Angeles, California.

The rift between Chad Mendes and José Aldo began in early June, after TJ Dillashaw, who happens to be “Money’s” teammate at Team Alpha Male, defeated Renan Barao, who in turn is a teammate of “Junior” at Nova União.

During the fight, Duane Ludwig, who was Team Alpha Male’s head trainer and Dillashaw’s corner man, made a joke about conducting a free Muay Thai seminar for Renan Barao.

Urijah Faber then followed it up by mockingly posting an Instagram photo showing Barao’s name on Ludwig’s sign-up sheet.

This action from Team Alpha Male urged Jose Aldo to vow vengeance against Chad Mendes in their upcoming fight.

“Let’s be patient, we will meet again,” Aldo said. “I have a fight coming up with Chad, and Barao, God willing, will fight Dillashaw again and we will get the payback.” 

Chad Mendes went on to attack José Aldo’s statements with a crude air of confidence in an interview with

“About someone writing Barao’s name in that list, nobody of our team did that,” Mendes explained. “I’ve seen that Aldo said that I’m going to pay the price for this joke, but I’m not afraid of him. I’m not scared with the fact that he’s maybe coming tougher this time.”

Chad Mendes also pointed out how José Aldo jumped off the fence and ran off to the crowd right after their first title fight at UFC 142 in January 2012 in Brazil.

“He’s talking about disrespect but what about when he beat me and jumped out of the octagon and ran into the crowd? This was very disrespectful too,” he added.

Not to be outdone, José Aldo responded to Chad Mendes’ tirades.

“It wasn’t disrespectful,” Aldo said. It was nothing to do with him. Chad was there, I ran and made my celebration.”

“It would be disrespectful if I had done something with him or his city or his team,” he added. “But I did with Brazilian fans and I think that everyone enjoyed.”

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