Chad Mendes Slams Jose Aldo Once Again! ‘Money’ Says UFC Featherweight Champion Did Not Evolve As A Fighter?

Chad Mendes criticized José Aldo once again as both men make their preparations in training camp for their upcoming title fight at UFC 176 on August 2.

“Money” has been trading tirades with the reigning UFC featherweight champion since last week, after he first criticized “Junior’s” post-fight reaction of running out of the cage after their first fight at UFC 142 in January 2012 in Brazil.

“He’s talking about disrespect but what about when he beat me and jumped out of the octagon and ran into the crowd? This was very disrespectful too,” Mendes told Brazilian news site.

Chad Mendes continued to slam José Aldo recently in another interview with the same Brazilian media outfit, this time maligning the reigning champion’s evolution as a fighter.

“Honestly, watching his last fights, I couldn’t see any sign of evolution,” Mendes said. “He basically bets on what he is good and he’s doing always the same things. I think that this fight will be excited to the fans because of that, since I have completely changed.”

Since Chad Mendes fought José Aldo in 2012, he has been on a five-fight winning streak, four of which ended by knockout. This has given “Money” enough confidence about his chances this time around.

“I know that I have an athletic capacity to face him equally, possibly higher than his capacity,” Mendes continued. “I feel that my striking, my Jiu-Jitsu and my Wrestling are better now. I feel that I’m now a well rounded martial artist.”

In May, “Money’s” teammate TJ Dillashaw was able to pull an upset by defeating former bantamweight champion and José Aldo’s teammate Renan Barao. Rightfully, this has given Chad Mendes more reasons to believe that his Team Alpha Male can pick up another victory over Nova Uniao.

“We couldn’t decode the puzzle and TJ was the first able to do it,” Mendes said. “We can look what happened and do more. We can train in the way that he trained and implement what he did in our camps.”

“I think that we found the recipe to beat them and I want to show this on August 2,” he added.

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