Chad Mendes Vs. Conor McGregor: ‘The Notorious’ Is Geared Up To Face ‘Money’ At UFC 189! Check Out The Dubliner Goofing Off In Latest UFC Embedded

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Though taking the fight on just two weeks’ notice, Chad “Money” Mendes is all set to ruin “The Notorious” show in Las Vegas.

Chad Mendes recently admitted that Conor McGregor’s comment prior to his bout with Jose Aldo is what setting him off as both fighters prepares for their upcoming clash at UFC 189 on July 11 for the interim belt. Mendes noted that McGregor’s comment made it personal. “The Notorious” on the other hand seem to be taking it all in his stride.

In the latest UFC Embedded, McGregor enjoys a relaxing massage from a man called Dr Pain. The man he is scheduled to face at UFC 189 meanwhile takes a dip in the pool and holds his breath.

The Dubliner is shown thinking he needs to bring some extra weaponry in to the cage along with his fast feet and fists next Saturday night, SportsJoe noted.
Talking about his plan after beating McGregor, Prado said, “We want to win so we can fight Jose Aldo again,” Prado said. “Aldo is Aldo. He’s the number one.”
McGregor gets a serious compliment from Rory McDonald’s trainer, Firas Zahabi, who tells his fighter that he will pay $100,000 so that McGregor will give McDonald a speech of encouragement before the title fight.
MacDonald’s trainer notes that it would be like the Braveheart pep talk just before the video switches to McGregor wielding a sword.
Throughout the last month, McGregor has done his best to promote his upcoming championship bout by being as cheeky as he could, pulling off antics including stealing Aldo’s championship belt during the UFC 189 press conference.
However, Aldo pulled out of the fight citing a rib injury.
UFC boss Dana White made an announcement on June 30, revealing that Chad Mendes will replace Jose Aldo and will fight McGregor for the interim belt. Obviously McGregor wasn’t happy with Aldo pulling out of their championship fight.
Mendes’ jiu-jitsu coach Fabio “Pateta” Prado, however guarantees Mendes is all set to take the fight. Judging by this, it looks like McGregor will have his hands full.
“He will grab this opportunity and go for it. Everything will be alright,” Prado told MMA Fighting .
“It’s on short notice, but his heart and experience will make the difference. Alpha Male doesn’t turn down fights and that’s why we have credit with the UFC. Chad is always training, dreaming about this,” Prado added.
“It’s a good match-up,” “Pateta” said.
“Everybody says Chad will get the takedowns, and he will. It’s like Jose Aldo throwing those low kicks. Everybody knows they are doing this, but they can’t stop it. He will get the takedown, lock his hips and throw his hands. When McGregor tries to get back up, Chad will catch him.”
Prado also noted that “Chad wants to trade punches with him first. His hands are good,” he continued, “He traded punches with Jose Aldo for five rounds. One round with McGregor is not a problem.
“He will find some holes in the first round. Chad is a scary guy, he has heavy hands. McGregor will change his mind after Chad lands the first punch. Those who trained and fought him know that. Ricardo Lamas, Clay Guida and others with a good chin went down. Aldo is the only one who didn’t go down, but Aldo is Aldo. This trash talker will feel Chad’s hands and ask himself ‘what the f–k is this? This little guy has got some power’. He hits hard, man.”

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