Chae Rim Gets A Romantic Proposal

Chae Rim Gets A Romantic Proposal
Chae Rim Gets A Romantic Proposal

When it comes to staging an event for your girlfriend, a public declaration of your love and commitment may be one of the most romantic. That’s what Chinese actor Gao Ziqi did this weekend when he knelt down to propose to k-drama actress Chae Rim at an event in Beijing.

The popular actor proposed with a song, a ring and a kiss. And Chae Rim accepted, but it was only a formality as the couple already announced they would marry in October.

Still, the actor felt that she deserved a formal proposal and a romantic one at that.

Before popping the question. Gao Ziqi sang the song “I Believe,” which was originally performed by Korean singer Shin Seung Hun. He presented his fiancée with a bouquet of red roses. Then he got down on one knee and presented her with a ring. She accepted his proposal with a kiss and a hug.

Later on the 33-year-old actor wrote on Weibo that it was the most important day of his life.

“From now on, we will have fun, share joy and take responsibility together,” he wrote. “I will love, protect and cherish you as mine with all my strength. I will work hard to study Korean and learn how to cook your favorite meals.”

But that wasn’t all. He also said that he would make sure she was not lonely in China.

“Let’s have a happy family,” he wrote.

The actress responded to his proposal by saying that she was moved by his declaration. She thanked him for letting her know what love feels like.

It has only been a few weeks since the couple said they would wed and six months since they announced they were dating.

In March it was revealed that they had already dated for three or four months. Originally they planned to wait until their first-year anniversary to go public with their relationship. But they were photographed on a date and saw no point in denying their relationship.

“Even though our nationalities, mother tongues and habits differ, we found that we feel comfortable when we are together,” Gao told the Star News. “Thank you for your celebrations and we will strive to do our best for each other.” Only a few months later they decided to marry. Chae Rim and Gao Ziqi met while shooting a Chinese TV drama, in which they played a husband and wife. 

Chae Rim, who appeared in the drama “Oh My Lady,” was previously married to singer Lee Seung Hwan. They married in 2003 and they divorced three years later.

Gao Ziqi is a popular actor in China. In the last few years he appeared in “Flowers in Fog,” “Tai Ping Gong Zhu Mi Shi” and “New My Fair Princess.”

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