Channing Tatum ’22 Jump Street’ Hits Box Office On Father’s Day! Date Movie Delivers In Theatres, Swoons Women! [WATCH] Trailer Made For Fanboys

Channing Tatum “22 Jump Street” hit box offices over the weekend, on a Father’s Day; the Tatum and (Jonah) Hill sequel to 2012’s “21 Jump Street” rakes it in big, as a date movie and a chick flick.

The comedy received an R-rating, but still managed to pull $60 million on its debut. Despite the machismo, it appealed to both genders, blurring the lines between the action and chick flick. First-week audience had variety, from dating couples to groups of women and men.

Part of the movie’s success is credited to Tatum and Hill’s chemistry, also because it played on both gender demographics. The first “Jump Street” (2012) movie was the prototype for the sequel, splitting the $36.3 million first-day earnings to a crowd that’s 53% male, 47% female.

Phil Contrino of lauds the feat. “The default is to say a comedy with two male leads is going to skew male, but the fact that they were able to split it down the middle definitely gave [’22 Jump Street’] a boost.” (


Channing Tatum “22 Jump Street” was a shameless satire of 80’s police drama, a salute to the original TV series. It was Jonah Hill who pitched the prospect of a movie adaptation to Tatum: “So I have this probably terrible idea, but I want to see if you’re interested.”

The movie’s devil-may-care appeal is a hit, especially to fan boys. In the trailer released for the tease, Tatum and Hill turned over their roles to their actual stand-ins, a shout-out of sorts to the plain-clothed, ordinary guy:

Tatum and Hill decided to come right out with a spoof sequel for “21 Jump Street”; the bluff worked, bringing in $20 million more than the first movie, receiving nods from critics to boot. Channing Tatum “22 Jump Street” is now on its second week.

Jonah Hill comments on the absurdity of the sequel: “We were wrestling so hard with the idea of making a sequel and how they are always worse, that we were like we should just call that out. We should just put that out there.” (


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