Charity Comes Naturally To Han Hye Jin And Husband

Charity Comes Naturally To Han Hye Jin And Husband
Charity Comes Naturally To Han Hye Jin And Husband


Han Hye Jin’s 2013 wedding to soccer player Ki Sung Yueng attracted attention from both her fans and soccer lovers alike. But what was not known until recently was that the actress and her husband donated much of the money they received as wedding gifts to her favorite charity.

Her agency, Namoo Actors, recently revealed that the couple donated almost $60,000 of their monetary wedding gifts to World Vision. The money will be sued to fund much needed operations for children and their families. The actress also donated her time by narrating a documentary “Hope for the Barefooted Children” which will air this week. Her donation was only made public in the context of the documentary in the hope that it would inspire more donations for the cause she believes in and supports.

It’s not the first time that the star of the drama “One Warm Word” donated her time and money. The actress is known as “The Healing Angel” for her charity work. Han Hye Jin has volunteered for World Vision since 2008.

“We are grateful to Han Hye-Jin who has shared so much for the benefit of Korea’s children, and who spreads warmth by being the voice that conveys their needs,” said Yang Ho Seung, CEO of World Vision.” We hope that it generates interest in this broadcast and supports the dreams of children who come from low-income households.”

World Vision International is an Evangelical Christian humanitarian aid, development, and advocacy organization.

It was a charity event that brought the actress and her eight-year-younger husband together. Han Hye Jin met Ki Sung Yueng at a charity soccer event in Vietnam. The actress and JYJ performed during half time at the 2011 Asian Cup event. Also, both Han Hye Jin and her husband are devout Christians so donating their wedding gifts seemed like a natural decision.

Midfielder Ki Sung Yueng is currently playing with a British soccer team in Wales. She quit as host on SBS’ “Healing Camp” to join him shortly after their July wedding but then returned to Korea to play the part of a woman on the verge of divorce in “One Warm Word.” A fan of the screenwriter, it was an offer she could not refuse. Once the drama ended, she returned to the United Kingdom to be with her husband, who she calls her “biggest supporter.”

The couple plans to start a family soon.

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