Check Out Destiny’s Child Reunion in Michelle Williams’ ‘Say Yes’ Music Video, William Dishes on What It’s Like Reuniting with Her Girls [WATCH]

Who would have thought that the famous ’90s girl group Destiny’s Child could still reunite after several years of focusing on their own musical careers?

The group, made up of Michelle Williams, Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland came together for Williams’ newest gospel-inspired single “Say Yes.”

After the announcement last month, fans of the girl group have been waiting for the release of the single’s official music video and that day has finally arrived.

In the video, each of the three singers had their few seconds of fame, thus making fans wonder whether or not they were shot together or separately, according to

Rolling Stone.

But just when speculations heightened, all three women are featured together, singing, dancing and partying.

In a recent appearance on ”

Good Morning America,” Williams, who debuted her song on the show, talked about how the shoot went down.

“Sometimes the director of production assistants had to say like, ‘OK, girls bring it back home. Bring it back together because when we were together, we go back to how we were when we were younger, just always laughing and talking about things. It’s been a great moment.”

Williams also confessed that the decision to include a cover of the old African gospel song was a last minute decision on her part and the idea probably came from Rowland herself, Toronto Sun has said.

“I know Kelly, she was like, ‘Girl hold up! There needs to be a Destiny’s Child mix of this song.’ I said, ‘OK,’ and it happened just like that.”

In a separate interview with

People Magazine earlier this month, Williams confessed that she’s never had genuine female relationships prior to the girl group. “I don’t care what anyone says, we miss each other. We have the spiritual bond with each other where we know when you’re really tired, you need your sister with you today and you just need a phone call to let them know you’re thinking about them.”

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