Child Prostitution On Rise During Brazil World Cup 2014

Child prostitution is expected to rise on the streets of Brazil in lieu of the World Cup.

Girls, as young as 10-year-old, are reportedly seeking the World Cup as a way to make money due to the increase of men in the area in time for the games, according to

Huffington Post.

Prostitution is legal in Brazil for those who are 18-years old and older, but it is reported that a large number of people on the streets are much younger than the legal age.

“These girls come from extreme poverty, a culture of social exclusion and a tradition of profound disrespect for women,” stated Antonia Lima Sousa, a state prosecutor, told CNN.

Child prostitutes will sell their bodies in Recife, one of the host cities, for as little as $2, the Mirror reported.

Drug use is reportedly usually accompanied by the act of selling sex.

“Sniffing the glue makes me feel dizzy and numb and it stops me feeling hungry so I don’t need to eat,” Lorissa, a child sex worker, told the Mirror.

She added, “It helps me cope with the violence and danger on the streets.”

These young girls are dressed up by pumps to look much older than they are, according to the British charity Happy Child International.

“10, 12, 13, 14, they’ll take them at any age. They come and choose a child. A lot of them will go because of necessity. Because of drugs or because they are high. To earn money to survive,” one sex worker told the UK’s Channel 4.

Many of these young sex workers are homeless and hungry, and have dealt with sex abuse from their own fathers or step fathers, according to

NY Daily News.

“We know there are significant risks to children before, during and after major sporting events. The majority of fans and tourists traveling to Brazil for the World Cup would be horrified at the thought of causing harm to the nation’s children. But unfortunately some will take advantage,” CEO of Happy Child International told The News.

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