Child Support Claims In The Aftermath Of The Halle Berry Gabriel Aubry Fight! Actress Pays The Price To The Tune Of $200,000 A Year

The Academy Award-winning actress will pay the price of the Halle Berry Gabriel Aubry fight, and it’ll involve a dent in her purse.

Berry will be obliged to support Gabriel Aubry to the tune of $16,000 a month. Aubry is the baby daddy of her six year old daughter Nahla.

The judge ruled the settlement case in favor of Aubry, a claim over

child custody and support. The cumulative amount Berry has to cover for is estimated at $200,000 per year, and Aubry gets custody of their daughter.

The case will cost the actress more than the claim, as Los Angeles Superior Court’s Judge Scott Gordon is also imposing retroactive payment for Aubry ($115,000), excluding attorney’s fees ($300,000).

The decision comes in the wake of Thanksgiving Day’s Halle Berry Gabriel Aubry fight, which also involves Olivier Martinez. It has been confirmed that Aubry instigated the incident and Olivier acted in defense. Berry and Martinez

refused to press charges in consideration of Nahla.

Aubry gets a clean slate even after the disaster caused by the outburst. The L.A. City Attorney recently conducted two hearing sessions to settle the case, one with Martinez and Aubry in attendance, and another with the latter attending solo. Hearings were scheduled on different dates.

The resolved case clears Aubry, given that he doesn’t get involved in similar incidents for at least a year. It is reported the resolution involves an anger management program, but the City Attorney declines to comment.

Aubry apparently hasn’t moved on from his breakup with the actress, and her new relationship with Martinez didn’t help. Aubry showed up with Nahla at Berry’s house Thanksgiving Day, and then walked out with Martinez for a talk.

Witnesses confirmed Aubry started the scuffle, pushing Martinez and swung (but missed) at his face. Olivier reacted with three quick punches to Aubry’s face. The Halle Berry Gabriel Aubry fight is somewhat settled at the courts, and it’s possible rehab programs for Aubry have been dropped in favor of the couple’s daughter (


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