Choi Ji Woo Gives into “Temptation”

Choi Ji Woo Gives into "Temptation"
Choi Ji Woo Gives into "Temptation"

Choi Ji Woo has given into temptation. She succumbed to the temptation of reuniting with her former co-star Kwon Sang Woo in a steamy drama titlked “Temptation.

When the actors first played tragic lovers in the drama “Stairway to Heaven” their onscreen chemistry was so intense that it roused ratings of 30 percent and made them both Hallyu stars. In this drama they play a couple of sorts but their interactions will be less romantic than they are financial.

Kwon Sang Woo plays Cha Suk Hoon in the drama. His character grew up in the country but was so smart that he got into a top university. He paid for his education with a succession of part-time jobs. After he married and had a child, he wound up deeply in debt. His debt makes him desperate but he has nowhere to turn until Choi Ji Woo’s character makes him an offer he is reluctant to refuse.

Choi Ji Woo plays Yoo Se Young, the heiress to a corporation that is owned by her father. She has always focused on taking over the company, giving little thought to love or marriage. She simply had no time for it and no one ever caught her eye.

But then she sees Cha Suk Hoon and falls for him. She offers him the money he so desperately needs in exchange for his body. The plot may remind viewers of the Robert Redford film “Indecent Proposal,” except that in this drama the wealthy person offering a large amount of money for a short affair is a woman.

Cha Suk Hoon is torn. He needs the money to prevent his family’s life from being ruined but sleeping with another woman would be very wrong. The drama’s summary implies that Cha Suk Hoon will accept her offer, but also that his acceptance creates further problems. His wife might find out and leave him. In that case he could lose his family anyway. Or he could fall in love with Yoo Se Young instead and want to end his marriage. Such an arrangement is unlikely to end well.

So far, no other members of the cast have been confirmed. Yoon Eun Hye is considering playing the role of Cha Suk Hoon’s wife.

The drama is scheduled to air in July following “Doctor Stranger.”

Kwon Sang Woo was last seen in “Medical Top Team” and “Queen of Ambition.”

Choi Ji Woo was last seen in “The Suspicious Housekeeper.”

Yigim Productions, which produced “Empress Ki” and “I Summon You Gold” will produce “Temptation.”

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