Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty At Almost 50; Supermodel Not Dreading Age, Plans To Release Photo Book

Meaningful Beauty co-owner and supermodel Cindy Crawford is now looking forward to celebrating her 50th birthday as she plans to release a photo book next year.

It is still two years before supermodel Cindy Crawford reaches half a century but she is now preparing the upcoming release of the book as part of her celebration, the 


Set to be released next year in autumn, the Rizzoli-published book will not only showcase many pictures of the supermodel through the years but also “the secrets of her success.”

The stunning 48-year-old supermodel said, “It’s not just a coffee-table book with images, although that will be part of it. It’s not a biography. It’s sort of a hybrid book.”

Instead of “dreading” the coming of her 50 birthday, the Meaningful Beauty co-owner and model Cindy Crawford wanted to throw in the positive vibe of welcoming the half-century age, said.

“It’ll come out in the fall before I turn 50, so it’s kind of a way to celebrate 50 as opposed to dreading it,” the mother-of-two said.

Cindy Crawford still looked fabulous as she was when she had graced top magazine covers in her younger years. In another  report, Cindy Crawford rocked a tight leather sleeveless dress on Wednesday as she walked down the streets of New York with a friend.  

She paired her dress with a snakeskin heels and sunglasses that fitted perfectly for the brunette supermodel’s face.

Cindy Crawford made waves in the 1980s when she became the face of top brands such as Versace and Guess. In 1995, Cindy Crawford was hailed as Forbes’ highest earning supermodel in world.

Cindy Crawford then ventured to business when she became a co-owner of Meaningful Beauty, a skincare line that reportedly earned $100 million a year.

The supermodel also owns Cindy Crawford Home Furnishings, which boasts $300 million in annual sales. She also launched the German-based clothing line Cindy Crawford C & A in 2012.

In February this year, Cindy Crawford had announced her partnership with healthy lifestyle company, Urban Remedy.

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