Classic Wonder Woman Costume Batman Vs Superman, Gal Gadot Stands Out! Justice League Begins With Crossover Assemble! DC Universe Unfolds In ‘Dawn Of Justice,’ Standalone Installments To Follow

Wonder Woman costume in Batman Vs Superman stays faithful to the familiar design, according to sources; Gal Gadot is set to sport the traditional outfit fans of the graphic novels grew up with.

Gal Gadot goes head-to-head with DC superheroes in the upcoming crossover film, pitting Batman and Superman in epic rivalry. The film, considered as sequel to Man of Steel, is also expected to jumpstart a Justice League assemble in a following installment.

Most of the leaked information surrounding the film’s production involved Batman’s new costume and gear, as well as Ben Affleck taking on the role of the Dark Knight. Superman’s costume is likely to stay within the design of “Man of Steel,” with Henry Cavill reprising his role.

Appearances for Aquaman and Flash are all but confirmed, as well as for Wonder Woman, hinting of a Justice League movie if plans of a follow-up push through. Gal Gadot, a familiar face of the “Fast & Furious” series, takes on the role of the Amazon Princess Diana.

Gal Gadot will wear a “battle-ready,” traditional costume as Wonder Woman costume Batman Vs Superman, in contrast to reports of a re-imagined, urban costume with leggings and jacket. Gadot’s outfit: the classic blue leather skirt, coupled with a red top, golden tiara, and silver cuffs.

New weapons are added to her familiar arsenal; a sword, spear, and shield complement her traditional lasso. It’s yet to be confirmed if Superman will fly side-by-side with “The Bat” and Wonder Woman’s invisible jet.

Dawn of Justice is an assembly movie, with Wonder Woman introduced as Diana prior to joining Batman and Superman in an epic fight against a yet unrevealed enemy, which likely involves Lex Luthor (played by Jesse Eisenberg).

Wonder Woman Batman Vs Superman stand as main characters in “Dawn of Justice,” slated for a May 6, 2016 launch in theatres (


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