Cliff Side Home to be Demolished after Cliff Crumbles Down; Lake Whitney Cliff Diving No Longer Advised

It looks like plans on Lake Whitney cliff diving need to be rescheduled because it seems that the cliff is starting to crumble down. The Hill County Sheriff’s Office has mandated a demolition of the endangered luxury home that is located on the cliff side of Whitney, Texas. This cliff side home has started to show signs that it was about to come crumbling down 75 feet into the lake below.

According to a report by WFAA, the expensive-looking property will be set on fire and will be destroyed. Additionally, Fox 4 sad that the demolition has already been scheduled and will be carried out on Friday morning.

The sheriff’s decision to demolish the high-end estate was made after a meeting was adjourned between the house’s owner, the neighborhood HOA, and the county’s authorities.

The house sits on the cliff side that faces Lake Whitney. Apart from the famous Lake Whitney cliff diving, the lake has also become quite a popular spot for tourists, especially as it provides a breathtaking background for picture-taking. It is located nearly 75 miles south of Fort Worth. started to receive reports from neighbors that they heard a loud crash on the evening of Tuesday. They initially thought it was an earthquake. It was later that they saw “water, dust, smoke, a huge cloud of stuff” coming from across the lake, from the house right on top.

The county released some pictures of what is left of the house. It is noticeable on the picture that a huge portion of the house’s foundation has already washed away.

CBS News has reported that the residents of the home were quick to evacuate as soon as they realized that it was no longer safe to live in. In addition to that, they also put signs to warn people to stay away.

Tax records indicate that this slowly crumbling home in the White Bluff Resort subdivision near Whitney Lake was built in 2007. The Associated Press says that its worth is estimated to be more than $700,000.

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