Clint Eastwood Movies Do Not Make Clint Busy Enough; Finds Love with Hotel Employee

The man behind Clint Eastwood movies is oftentimes Clint Eastwood himself. Being the busy body he is with movie productions and directions left and right, he still has the time for his new gal pal.

Eastwood, 84 years old, is reportedly dating hostess Christina Sandera, according to what a source told Us Weekly. The couple started to gain a lot of attention when they were spotted grocery shopping together in Los Angeles just recently. This was when the press started to speculate that perhaps the duo was living together.

True enough, according to the source, “She lives with him in his house he used to share with Dina. She moved in months ago.” Dina was Eastwood’s ex-wife and they were married for 17 years. It was only last summer that they decided to part ways.

Sandera is a non-showbiz personality, and actually works for Eastwood as an employee at his Carmel Mission Ranch Hotel. The insider stated, “Clint’s kids have all met Christina and like her. The kids all say she is ‘normal.'” Whatever that means. Since he separated from ex-wife Dina, his relationship with Sandera is actually his second.

Dina and Eastwood went on with separate love lives after their break up, both dating another divorced couple who have just recently broken up. If this was not a true story that happened to them, the ultimate ex-swap montage would have been a good plot for new Clint Eastwood movies.

According to the source, after Erica Tomlinson-Fisher and Scott Fisher decided to have a divorce, Tomlinson was certain that Fisher was dating Dina. It was then that she called up Eastwood to discuss her suspicions and Eastwood just plain fell for her.

With regards to what happened to the Tomlinson and Eastwood love team, the insider kept mum about it and merely stated, “She hasn’t been around in a while. He is with Christina and happy.”

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