Comedian Tracy Morgan Car Accident Update; Improving Condition, Still Critical; Trucker Pleads Not Guilty To Assault Charges! Family Denies Amputation Reports, Asks TMZ To Remove Aftermath Footage

A recent Tracy Morgan car accident update confirms the comedian’s health is improving, considering the mishap that left him and others in critical condition.

Morgan’s representative Lewis Kay issued a statement Thursday; he’s still in serious condition, but the outlook is positive.

“Today was a better day. While Tracy remains in critical, but stable, condition, he continues to show signs of improvement. His medical team remains optimistic that his recovery is progressing. Megan remains by his side and is relaying the countless good wishes and prayers that his family, friends and fans have been sending their way.”

Morgan’s 36-year-old assistant Jeff Millea is also improving over the past few days. The two were among seven aboard a limousine Saturday, which crashed into the rear of a truck driven by Kevin Roper. Comedian Jimmy McNair died in the crash, leaving the rest injured.

Roper is charged with vehicular assault by auto, but has offered a not guilty plea on Wednesday’s arraignment. A conviction could lead to a prison sentence of 15 years maximum.

The comedian suffered multiple injuries, according to Tracy Morgan car accident update last Sunday, including a broken nose, ribs, and femur. Surgery for a broken leg was successful, and the family has denied rumors of amputation.

Hospitalization at Robert Wood Johnson University (New Brunswick, N.J.) could last for several weeks as Morgan’s condition is monitored.

TMZ released a video of the car crash on its official website, footage of the aftermath taken by a passerby. It showed the wreckage minutes after the accident, with an unconscious Ardie Fuqua being rescued and stretched out on the side road (


Morgan’s fellow comedian Louis C.K. requested the gossip site to

remove the footage, with an appeal on Twitter. TMZ has yet to remove the video post.

The accident revived the controversy of truckers and their habit of staying awake for extended periods of time, allegedly with the aid of prohibited substances. The Tracy Morgan car accident update, and Roper’s no guilty plea, renewed public awareness on reckless driving and its consequences.

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