Constantine TV Series Doctor Fate Easter Egg Shown In Latest Trailer [VIDEO] Kent Nelson To Join The Show Rumored?

The new trailer of NBC’s Constantine TV series hints an early easter egg for the show.

If you’ve watched the trailer carefully, you would realize that John Constantine isn’t the only magical based hero as Doctor Fate will possibly join the show.

Doctor Fate’s helmet was shown in the trailer and it is being held by an unknown person. According to reports from Fate’s helmet will play a key role in the plot of season 1, but who will wear helmet?

According to an alleged DC Comics Fan page, the first Doctor Fate Kent Nelson will likely take on the mantle of “The Lord of Order” in the show, while many believed that his nephew Kent V. Nelson and the New 52 newcomer Khalid Ben-Hassin are the other candidates for Doctor Fate. Other fans went so far as to even mention John Constantine will become Doctor Fate.

For those who are not familiar with the DC superhero, Doctor Fate is a magical and supernatural based superhero who uses ancient magic to combat the forces of evil. A list people have taken the mantle of Doctor Fate include Kent and Inza Nelson, Eric and Linda Strauss, Jared Stevens, Hector Hall, Kent V. Nelson, and Khalid Ben-Hassin.

Other characters outside of the main DC comics universe have also taken his identity such as Zantanna, her father Zatara, the first Kid Flash Wally West, and the second Aqualad Kaldur’ahm (Young Justice). Each host will be guided by Nabu, a lord of order as the bearer is equip with his powers and ancient wisdom along with items such as the Cloak of Destiny, Amulet of Anubis, and the Tower of Fate.

Constantine TV series will premiere on October 24, 2014 and it stars Matt Ryan, Lucy Griffin, Harold Perrineau, and Charles Halford.

So which character will take on the mantle of Doctor Fate in the Constantine TV series?

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