Dakota Fanning Boyfriend Jamie Strachan: Shop Together At Ralph Lauren; ‘New Moon’ Star Defends Indie Movies, Says ‘A Film Is A Film No Matter The Size Of It’

Dakota Fanning and boyf


Jamie Strachan were seen laughing together while out in New York City on Sunday afternoon (June 8).

The ‘New Moon’ actress and her model boyfriend were spotted wearing matching clothes after doing a little shopping at Ralph Lauren.

Fanning recently spoke with Yahoo about choosing to work on a few indie movies after a few big budget films, such as the Twilight series.

Fanning said, “Some of the movies that I’ve done more recently have been more independent, smaller films, and I’m totally cool with that. And I’m cool with larger scale films, as long as I feel connected to it.”

The ‘New Moon’ star added, “I never really think about the size of a film when I’m choosing what film to be in. A film is a film no matter the size of it. It’s like a Dr. Seuss quote.”

Fanning’s next movie ‘Very Good Girls,’ also starring Elizabeth Olsen released a trailer recently. The premise of ‘Very Good Girls’ is as follows, according to Slate: “high school friends Gerry (Elizabeth Olsen) and Lilly (Dakota Fanning) make a pact to lose their virginity before graduation, but both fall for David, a hunk who seems to double as ice cream vendor and street artist.”

Fanning also chatted with

Yahoo recently about her new film, Night Moves.

“Doing the action in the boat [when we’re about to blow up the dam] was surprisingly emotional,” She added, “It was towards the very beginning of the shoot and it was really cold. It was three in the morning and we were doing all this really intense stuff and for the three main characters, that’s what they’ve been building up to. Seeing that dam, and how big it is, and [how] they’re on this tiny boat going up to do this act of sabotage – it is a weird spiritual experience for them.” 

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