Dakota Fanning Movie: 20-Year-Old ‘Twilight’ Star To Play 50’s Starlet! Watch ‘The Last Of Robin Hood’ Trailer Here!

From playing little girls screaming in the face of danger, Dakota Fanning’s movie roles have evolved into an underaged starlet who starts an affair with a man nearly thrice her age.

“The Last Of Robin Hood” chronicles the May-December love affair of the “King of Silver Screen” Errol Flynn and Beverly Aadland. She was Flynn’s last girlfriend, their affair marking some of the Hollywood star’s last days before dying in 1959. It is based on the true series of events that led to the downfall of one of Hollywood’s greatest icons. The handsome and dashing movie legend Errol Flynn was tried for statutory rape in the 1940’s. Although the actor was acquitted of all charges, the trial forever tarnished his reputation.

Fanning will take on the role of Beverly Aadland, a 15-year-old actress who lies about her age to work in Holywood as an actress. Kevin Kline will play Errol Flynn who becomes attracted to the starlet, starting a relationship with her with the guise of helping her out with her career. Susan Sarandon, as Beverly’s stage mother, Florence, enables the affair despite her daughter’s age.

“The trailer has a bit of a Woody Allen vibe going at first,” wrote the Huffington Post about the teaser, “but don’t worry — it doesn’t take long to find all the schmaltz you’d want from a biographical film about Hollywood troubles.”

The biopic premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last fall and will hit cinemas on August 29.

This would be Fanning’s most mature role yet, according to the Refinery29. The actress debuted at seven years old as Sean Penn’s daughter in “I Am Sam”, later on as Tom Cruise’s child in “War Of Worlds.” She also played a vampire that can torture with her mind in the “Twilight” saga. She was last seen in the coming of age movie “Very Good Girls” as teenager Lily Berger. She appeared on the movie alongside Elizabeth Olsen and Demi Moore.

Watch the trailer below.

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