David Beckham’s ‘Hair’ Was Wife Victoria’s Biggest Worry, Soccer Star Says Filming ‘David Beckham Into the Unknown’ Documentary Was A ‘Dream’

David Beckham

‘s hair was apparently wife Victoria’s biggest worry as the soccer star filmed his documentary ‘David Beckham Into the Unknown’ for Showtime.

The 39-year-old retired soccer star just completed filming David Beckham Into the Unknown, a Showtime documentary. The 90-minute film that follows Beckham and his friends as they travel Brazil on motorcycles. Beckham wanted to explore Brazil, the host of this summer’s World Cup.

“This is something that, A, I’ve never done before, and B, I’ve never been able to do before,” he said of the trip. “Obviously, you know, I’ve had a 22-year career in football, I’ve always been on a schedule.  The fact that this was something I could do with friends…you know, I’ve never had a boy’s holiday. Something like this, for me, was a dream.” Beckham said to USA Today. “Worryingly enough, [Victoria] was more worried about my hair and how it would hold up in the rain and humidity than she was about me being on the bike.”

Beckham recently told Reuters about why he made the documentary, saying, “I think people will expect if I was making a documentary, that it would be solely about football,” he said. “What we wanted to do is do something different, and also introduce people to Brazil who didn’t know the parts of Brazil where we were going to, in the way that we did.”

Beckham also chatted a bit about the World Cup, saying, “The U.S. has gone into this World Cup on such a positive note. I think Jurgen [Klinsmann] has a professionalism that top managers have, and I think he’s a manager that knows what’s best for the team, what’s best for the players, and how to bring the players together.”

He added, “But you know, it’s not hard to bring U.S. players together, because I think it’s in their blood. U.S. players are so proud of representing their country that when they go to a big tournament, they stick together like not many countries do. Going into something like this, I think that’s something they’ll need.”

Beckham admitted to Reuters recently, that “The thing I miss most is playing for England. Playing for England, representing England, for me was obviously was my dream.” 

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