Deadpool Movie News: Script Changes Removes Cable From The Story! X-Men: Apocalypse And Days Of Future Past Plot To Blame! Is The Production Going To Be Delayed?

The Deadpool movie is still being worked on after news of the X-Force movie getting scrapped but the movie script is going to be re-written following the aftermath of X-Men: Days of Future Past.

With X-Men: Days Of Future Past notching up record box office for the X-Men movie franchise, 20th Century Fox is understandably wanting to capitalise on its success by pushing ahead with more films. Thus, we’re getting a new Wolverine sequel, a Gambit standalone film, and before both of those, X-Men: Apocalypse.

Apocalypse is set to mainly feature the First Class cast, so it’ll be led by James McAvoy. But Fox’s decision to push ahead so soon with the film (it’s due in summer 2016) may have damaged the chances of the mooted X-Force movie making it to the big screen.

X-Force was created by Rob Liefeld, and it had been revealed last year that a film project was in development, with Kick-Ass 2’s Jeff Wadlow directing. But as Liefeld noted over Twitter, “Everything changed when X-Men Apocalypse was announced”. So, will there still be an X-Force movie? “Coin toss, I’d wager”, Liefeld posted. He also noted that “I have no idea if Cable will appear in future X-Men films. Hard to believe he won’t appear in Apocalypse but I don’t expect it”.

According to reports, Fox is allegedly secretly working on the Deadpool Movie with Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and Michael Biehn would be Cable.

The Philadelphia Tempo reported that the plot line is about a Deadpool from another dimension going into the X-Men origin timeline to wipe away the original Ryan Reynolds “Deadpool” due to the event having “universal repercussions”. But with X-Men Days of Future Past effectively changing the timeline of the movies, the script would be rewritten to follow that storyline.

Hugh Jackman has expressed his interest on fighting Deadpool again and this has led to rumors saying that he is going to be included in the movie however these are just rumors and there is no word from Fox that Wolverine is going to be included in the Deadpool movie.

But the most notable news here is Michael Biehn being Cable, for a long time now, fans have been including him in fan casts and he would always play Cable in their fantasy cast and him being involved in the Deadpool movie is something fans would really appreciate. Despite the rumors that Michael Biehn was removed from the cast, that seems to be not the case in the Deadpool movie

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