Dean McDermott Tori Spelling: Dean Storms Out Of Therapy Session With Tori Spelling in Unseen Footage; Tori Hurt Talks To Camera

The Dean McDermott Tori Spelling drama continues! While

Dean McDermott and

Tori Spelling have made it clear that they’re trying to work things out, sometimes their road to reconciling was just too much to handle.

In this never-before-seen clip, the Chopped Canada host proved that the cameras began to bother him and stormed out of a therapy session that he was having with his wife.

Tori, clearly hurt by his departure, proceeded to tell the therapist that her hubby wasn’t making any sense. “We’ve never had sex the night before he’s left for a trip…Maybe he just f–ked up and f–ked somebody,” Spelling said.

She continued, “He was wanting more sex from me, he wanted more adventurous stuff. I was doing everything he wanted…That’s why when this happened, it was such a slap in the face. I was doing things I’m pretty sure no married couple of seven years with four tiny kids are doing at home.

“Maybe the truth is that he’s been doing this all along and this is the one time he got caught. I don’t know.”

In True Tori: New Confessions, airing June 10 at 8 p.m. on Lifetime, Spelling reflects on the most explosive moments of this season and exposes exclusive, never-seen-before footage from behind closed doors.

However, Dean McDermott does seem to be bending over backwards to try and heal his troubled marriage to Tori.

Recently, the couple, who’ve shared their marital woes with fans on True Tori, were reunited again last week when their five year old daughter Stella went under the knife for a tonsillectomy.  

Tori was doing her best to juggle work on her new TV series Mystery Girls, and care for her four kids on her own while Dean was away in Canada filming Chopped Canada. But when Stella was ready to go into the hospital for surgery, and their 7 year old son Liam ended up home with the flu, it just became too much for the mom of four to handle by herself. 

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