Demi Lovato Hair Goes Purple; The New Trend In Her Never-Ending Hair Color Changes – See All Her Recent Hair Colors!

Demi Lovato hair has gone through the rainbow and this time came out purple!

In her unending journey through the rainbow, she’s finally found a new shade she hasn’t tried yet: lavender and silver ombré.

We knew Demi Lovato was the queen of no-makeup selfies and of changing her hair color, but we didn’t know she was so skilled at combining two of the things she’s best at. Demi posted this picture of her new purple and silver ombre hair.

The 21-year-old singer posted a picture on Twitter today, showing off her long and newly re-dyed locks. She captioned the pic, “Lavender/silver ombre…I know I said I was gonna give my hair a break but…I #REALLYDONTCARE.”

The new color comes after almost two months of brunette locks-while she looks great with every color (and she’s done a lot), we’ve missed her bolder color choices. She made her big return with not only one color that doesn’t grow out of heads naturally, but two.

Even though Demi vowed to give the constant hair dying a rest, clearly she was feeling like switching things up with a new bright hue.

She’s been rocking the half-shaved head and brunette/blond ombré look for a while, but before that her hair was a bright shade of magenta at the beginning of the year. And if we rewind to this past December, Demi was feeling the whole blue hair look.

She also took a break for a while where her hair was one full shade of color: blond last summer and then dark brown before that.

But her true love seems to be for candy-colored tresses. She’s also had light pink ombré and green ombré.  

It appears Lovato might have been inspired by the latest color scheme for her upcoming world tour – after all, a promo shot she posted showed her with violet-tinged hair a few days before she dyed it. Nicole Richie was inspired to go purple after seeing an altered Instagram of herself with lavender locks, so it’s not so strange that Lovato could have tapped into similar inspiration!

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