Detailed Minecraft News Expected At E3 2014; PS4 And Xbox One Ports To Feature Streamlined Controls, Enhanced Graphics

Minecraft news updates are highly anticipated, with the E3 coming up in a few days; fans expect a reveal for the PS4 and Xbox One versions when E3 doors open.

Mojang and 4J Studios aren’t lacking when it comes to updates. The official Mojang website can even be described as obsessive-compulsive, with detailed information on the latest bug fixes and tweaks.

When the first reports of the game being ported over to the next-generation of consoles came out, speculations of an overhauled (even reinvented) game bubbled. The potential of new hardware capabilities made superior graphics and expansive worlds possible.

Mojang and 4J does confirm improvements in the port, and with every Minecraft news update was able to keep tabs on fans regarding the game’s development. The PS4 and Xbox One’s graphics hardware will supposedly improve on the game’s aesthetics without departing from the Lego-like experience.

It will be possible to create bigger worlds out of scratch, and players can see further into the horizon of their created worlds. Game save data from the PS3 and Xbox 360 are also compatible on the new console versions.

Minecraft’s potential is evident in this user’s reproduction of a Stargate portal:

The control scheme is one of the main challenges in Minecraft’s gameplay. The layout of the controller buttons requires a learning curve easier to navigate on a PC keyboard; Mojang is figuring out schemes comfortable to console gamers.

The PlayStation 4 version will offer improved graphics, as well as on the Xbox One. Gameplay remains intact, with single and multiplayer survival modes in place. Detailed Minecraft news is expected at E3’s full reveal.

Next-gen Minecraft isn’t much of a departure from the previous versions; something which isn’t broken shouldn’t be fixed. With features allowing players to join private and public servers, compete and cooperate, repeat gameplay is ensured for the next-gen ports.

Minecraft news of a specific release date is yet to be confirmed, with reports of a Q2 2014 circulating around the rumor mill (


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