Doctor Strange Movie Casting: Johnny Depp As Stephen Strange Gets Rejected By ‘Hardcore’ Comic Book Fans As They Admit That His Movies Tend To Flop!


The Doctor Strange movie casting is moving along but fans request that Johnny Depp should not be casted as Doctor Strange.

When the Doctor Strange movie was announced, Johnny Depp was the most requested actor to play the part but now. It seems that the tables have turned as fans plead Marvel to not cast Johnny Depp in the movie as they fear the movie would flop if he was cast as Stephen Strange AKA Doctor Strange.

Johnny Depp has never seemed much interested in the phenomenon of his own stardom. That’s just as well given his current dismal run of flops.

Dark Shadows was one of his least successful collaborations with Tim Burton. Disney had to issue a profit warning last summer after it announced it expected to lose close to $200m on Depp vehicle The Lone Ranger.

The Tourist was universally derided. Now, Depp’s latest film Transcendence has endured a disastrous opening weekend in the US, making less than $11m.

Because of his recent string of flops,  fans doesn’t want Johnny Depp to be part of the Doctor Strange movie.

User “MalDonut” on Reddit posted: “Johnny Depp can’t carry movies any more. Every movie he is in so far has flopped like Lebron James on the Playoffs. He is like a curse. Dr. Strange would bomb if he is on the movie”

But what do you think? Should Marvel steer clear of Johnny Depp? Is it Johnny Depp’s fault that his movies bomb at the box office? Sound off in the comments below!

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