Does England Rely too much on Lionel Messi?

It’s already confirmed, Team Argentina is suffering from “Messidependencia” according to their team manager.

Quite a word coined from Argentina’s dependence on Messi in the World Cup competition. Nonetheless, it is without a doubt a true situation according to their team manager Alejandro Sabella.

According to Sabella “Whenever there is a player like Messi, there’s a dependence.” He then added “We are trying to improve but dependence always exists. We have to try to take the pressure off him between all of us because we are a team. But for a great player there is always pressure at a World Cup.”

But there was a time when the Messi magic did not work with Argentina. Those were the times when Messi was more of a team player when he is with his club rather than when he is with Argentina. The national team saw that he performed better when he is with FC Barcelona rather than with them. But that was all in the past; they have moved forward and seemed like they can’t live without having Messi around.

When asked about Messi’s camaraderie with the team, he replied “Recently Leo has played very well with the Argentinean national team, just as he had elsewhere. He has been decisive in these two games and the fans idolise him. He has earned that and we will try to make sure it stays that way.”

Furthermore “We have to improve as a group, starting with me. We have to have greater mobility to find space. I am not worried but I am looking for ways of improving collectively. Against Iran we did not lose our balance in the first half [but] the need to win a game to qualify sometimes means you become unbalanced. We will almost certainly play a 4-3-3 but I do not want to give the line-up yet as I want to wait and see how the players recover.”

Argentina will soon be facing one of the toughest team from Africa, Nigeria. Will they be able to win against a strong like Nigeria relying only with what Messi can deliver? Or will Argentina filing step up their game and show the world that they are not just some group dependent with one person to win a game.

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