Does Sung Joon Want To Become The RomCom King?

Does Sung Joon Want To Become The RomCom King?
Does Sung Joon Want To Become The RomCom King?


Sung Joon is considering yet another romantic role and perhaps also the title of romcom king. He just finished playing the role of songwriter Joo Won in the noona romance “I Need Romance 3.” And now he is considering a role in the upcoming KBS romantic comedy “Finding True Love.”

He has been offered the role of Nam Ha Jin, a handsome cosmetic surgeon. He will form a love triangle with actress Jung Yu Mi and former Shinhwa member and actor Eric Moon. In that drama Jung Yu Mi plays Lee Room, a girl who breaks up with her boyfriend and starts dating a new man. Then the ex-boyfriend returns and asks her for forgiveness. Jung Yu Mi’s character is torn between her new love and her old love. Both men have a lot to offer. Jung Yu Mi’s character finds it hard to make up her mind.

If Sung Joon is indeed going for the title of romcom king, it’s fitting that his co-star in the upcoming drama will be Jung Yu Mi, who has been called the romcom queen. Jung Yu Mi appeared in “I Need Romance 2.”

Eric Moon will play the ex-boyfriend Kang Tae Ha, the director of an interior design company. He’s smart, charismatic and eager for a romantic reunion. It will be a reunion for Eric Moon and Jung Yu Mi. The actors appeared together in the 2007 drama “Que Sera Sera,” and have proven they have romantic chemistry.

Romantic comedies are not the only kinds of roles that Sung Joon has played. Most notably he played Suzy Bae’s bodyguard and devoted follower in “Gu Family Book.” He also played the at-first unwilling leader of the high school indie band in “Shut Up Flower Boy Band,” which also had a love line. But if he does accept the role in “Finding True Love,” this would make his third romance in two years.

He romanced Jung So Min in “Can We Get Married” a drama about love and marriage. Then he romanced actress Kim So Yeon in “I Need Romance 3.”

The comedy will reunite two of the actors with the screenwriter for their previous romcoms.

Jung Hyun Jung, the screenwriter for “Finding True Love” was also the writer for “I Need Romance,” “I Need Romance 2” and “I Need Romance 3.”

“Finding True Love” is set to air in August and according to Sung Joon’s agency, casting should be confirmed this week.

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