‘Dr. Stranger” Lee Jong Suk And Choi Jung Woo’s Tom & Jerry

'Dr. Stranger" Lee Jong Suk And Choi Jung Woo's Tom & Jerry
'Dr. Stranger" Lee Jong Suk And Choi Jung Woo's Tom & Jerry

On the 11 episode broadcast on June 9, Park Hoon (played by Lee Jong Suk) and Moon Hyun Wook (played by Choi Jung Woo) were drunk and were sleeping in the same bed.  Because of this ironic bed scene, they drew laughter from the audience.

In addition, it was revelealed that Song Jae Hee (played by Jin Se Yeon)’s medical records were released.  Here, Park Hoon started to act like he wanted to cry.  He told Moon Hyung Wook that you first have to go away, then deny, and then confess, as he made viewers laugh.

He then looked at the police officers and said, “Actually, it’s this person who made me do this.  Really, he’s horrible” as he betrayed him. 

With his experienced funny acting, Lee Jong Suk captivated the audience. Such acting between Lee Jong Suk and older actor Choi Jung Woo invoked images of Tom and Jerry.  The chemistry between this great couple despite age and gender made viewers react in a strong way.

This stirred up the viewers as the strongest couple with the best chemistry.

In the drama, Lee Jong Suk called Moon Hyung Wook, “master” and his funny way of talk seems like he’s talking not as Park Hoon but actually as Lee Jong Suk as his natural acting goes back and forth between charisma and medical comic nature.

In actuality, Lee Jong Suk kept on calling Choi Jung Woo “master” when he was relaxing and was the source of energy for the staff members.  The man-man couple made people smile who were watching.

Meanwhile, “Dr. Stranger” is about a genius doctor Lee Jong Suk that was born in South Korea but raised in North Korea and his conflict against the most elite doctor of Korea, Park Hae Jin.  The two of them face the greatest conspiracy in a medical drama and fusion drama.  It is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 10PM.

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