Dr. Stranger” Lee Jong Suk Vs. Park Hae Jin

Dr. Stranger" Lee Jong Suk Vs. Park Hae Jin
Dr. Stranger" Lee Jong Suk Vs. Park Hae Jin

“Dr. Stranger” Lee Jong Suk and Park Hae Jin who are at risk are foreshadowing a new fight and battle.

On the 9 episode of SBS Monday/Tuesday drama “Dr. Stranger” (script Park Jin Woo, director Jin Hyuk, production Aura Media) broadcast on June 2 showed a new twist towards a conclusion.  The genius actor Park Hoon (played by Lee Jong Suk) came from North Korea and is now battling with a genius doctor Han Jae Joon (played by Park Hae Jin).  The battle is now just starting.

On the episode broadcast on June 3, Park Hoon tries hard to lead the heart surgery of Jang Suk Joo (played by Chun Ho Jin).  He then wants to get another opportunity to seek revenge and even kneels in front of Oh Joon Kyu (played by Jun Gook Hwan).  These sides of Han Jae Joon (played by Park Hae Jin) are drawn out in the most comical way and it raised the focus of the drama as Park Hae Jin really wanted to get what he wanted.

First, Park Hoon checks that Jin Se Yeon is his first love and was confused.  Park Hoon ahd followed Han Seung Hee because he had suspicions.  Cha Jin Soo (played by Park Hae Joon), a North Korean spy was the reason that Jin Se Yeon had come to South Korea and this person was threatening Park Hoon and Han Seung Hee’s lives.

Han Jae Joon was also pushed to the end of a cliff.  In the battle with Park Hoon, Han Jae Joon was at risk of being thrown out of Myungwoo University Hospital and Han Jae Joon started to want to feel more revenge.  Han Jae Joon through of how his father died in medical malpractice incident and knelt in front of the director Oh Joon Kyu.  He didn’t give up.

Such battle drew out the interest of viewers and viewers were curious. Park Hoon and Han Jae Joon – only one will be able to do the surgery. It’ll be interesting to see how they battle each other.

Meanwhile, “Dr. Stranger” is about a genius doctor Lee Jong Suk that was born in South Korea but raised in North Korea and his conflict against the most elite doctor of Korea, Park Hae Jin.  The two of them face the greatest conspiracy in a medical drama and fusion drama.  It is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 10PM.

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