Dr. Stranger” Park Hae Jin Vs. Lee Jong Suk Part II

Dr. Stranger"  Park Hae Jin Vs. Lee Jong Suk Part II
Dr. Stranger" Park Hae Jin Vs. Lee Jong Suk Part II

“Dr. Stranger” Han Jae Joon and Lee Jong Suk got into the second stage of competition for the selection of the Prime Minister’s cardiovascular surgery team.

On the 11 episode of SBS Monday/Tuesday drama “Dr. Stranger” (script Park Jin Woo, director Jin Hyuk, production Aura Media) broadcast on June 9, Han Jae Joon (played by Park Hae Jin) received another chance from Oh Joon Kyu (played by Jun Gook Hwan) and threatened Park Hoon (played by Lee Jong Suk).  He asked to change the competition to a best out of three or to receive $100,000 and give up his spot on the surgery team for the Prime Minister.

Han Jae Joon said, “Everyone has a different value.  Dr. Park for the person who is in North Korea.  I want to be the best here and that’s why I will be on the surgery team of the Prime Minister” as he persuaded Park Hoon.

However, Park Hoon refused.  Han Jae Joon reported Park Hoon for releasing medical records without consent.  At this, Park Hoon takes in the competition suggested by Han Jae Joon. Oh Soo Hyun (played by Kang So Ra) said that she was being too coward like and mocked Han Jae joon.  Han Jae Joon said, “If you followed rules, the two people has lost their right to be a doctor” and they justified their actions.

Afterwards, Park Hoon selected the patient who was in a medical malpractice accident in Myung Woo Hospital as the patient to be operated on.  Despite the warning of Oh Joon Gyu (played by Joon Gook Hwan) and the adverse reaction that came afterwards, there was a conflict about the patient’s surgery.

Meanwhile, “Dr. Stranger” is about a genius doctor Lee Jong Suk that was born in South Korea but raised in North Korea and his conflict against the most elite doctor of Korea, Park Hae Jin.  The two of them face the greatest conspiracy in a medical drama and fusion drama.  It is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 10PM

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