Dr. Stranger’ Park Hae Joon Transforms To A South Korean

Dr. Stranger' Park Hae Joon Transforms To A South Korean
Dr. Stranger' Park Hae Joon Transforms To A South Korean

“Dr. Stranger” Park Hae Joon transformed in the most stylish way.

On the 14 episode of SBS drama “Dr. Stranger” (script Park Jin Woo, Kim Joo, director Jin Hyuk, Hong Jong Chan) broadcast on June 17, Park Hae Joon plays the role of a North Korean spy, Cha jin Soo, that is spying in South Korea.

On this day, Cha Jin Soo expressed the tension between Park Hoon (played by Lee Jong Suk) and Han Seung Hee (played by Jin Se Yeon).  More than that, Park Hoon’s mother (played by Lee Il Wha) was found to have been disappeared and Kim Tae Sool (played by Jung In Ki) received a threat.

Park Hae Joon is especially receiving attention as a scene stealer.  He is wearing a suit and is captivating the hearts of women.  He is looking more and more South Korean and capturing the attention of others.

More than anything, Park Hae Joon is showing stable acting with charisma and is plyaing an evil role that is necessary.  He is receiving great reviews and is showing tight acting despite the fact that this is his firth drama

In these episodes, Park Hae Jin and Lee Jong Suk fight to be on the surgery team of the prime minister.

Meanwhile, “Dr. Stranger” is about a genius doctor Lee Jong Suk that was born in South Korea but raised in North Korea and his conflict against the most elite doctor of Korea, Park Hae Jin. The two of them face the greatest conspiracy in a medical drama and fusion drama. It is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 10PM.

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