Dragon Age Inquisition Release Date Set On October 7! [VIDEO] The Time Has Finally Come! Meet The Inquisition Team And See Them Destroy A Dragon!

The day has finally arrived for Dragon Age Fans where light will finally be shed about the gameplay trailer and official cinematic trailer for the game. Upon seeing both videoes, only one word could best describe them. Awesome.

The upcoming third sequel to Dragon Age is expected to be the first AAA RPG title to arrive on the next-gen consoles. While Bioware is not shy to talk about Dragon Age Inquisition, the recent reveals on the game got the fans jaw-hanging for longer than expected. When Dragon Age Inquisition got its gameplay demonstrated at E3 yesterday, the game developer spilled the beans on some of the returning features into the game. Among them is the tactical view feature which adds in more depth to it. Also, the in-game environment is so well-textured and detailed that it is simply spectacular. By far, Dragon Age Inquisition will look to come with the best graphics around. Kudos to Bioware for making full use of the Frostbite 3 game engine. On the downside however, the game developer has been guilty of some copy and paste work. During the battle scene in the footage, it seems that the enemies don’t react well enough whenever they are getting hit. This is identical to how it was in Dragon Age Origins. Nevertheless, fans hope that the awesomeness of Dragon Age Inquisition will take the attention away from the flaws in combat. Then again, that is only possible if the characters remained consistent throughout the game. For the official gameplay trailer, watch the video below: For the official cinematic trailer, watch the video below:

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